Friday, 18 January 2013

vethapureeswarar temple, thiruverkkaadu, pic 6--10

Architecture of the temple
The entrance gopuram has five stages. The moolavar has been installed facing east. In the northern prahara, the idol of Goddess Balambika has been installed facing the south. Those who worship Thiruverkadu Balambika, Thiruvalithayam Jegadhambika and Thiruvotriyur Vadivambika on the same day will get all the prosperity not only in this jenma but also the next. In the inner prahara, Agathiya, Sun God, Nayanmars, Chandikeswarar, Ganapathy, Dakshinamoorthy, Brahma and Durga have been installed. Also, there is a sannadhi for Navagraha. At the south-east corner of the outer prahara, sannadhis of Sani bhagwan and Moorganayanar are situated.Lord Muruga is depicted with bow and arrow instead of vel in his hand and with one foot on a peacock. Lord Muruga imprisoned Brahma who was not able to tell the meaning of Pranava. On learning about this, Lord Shiva sent Nandi to retrieve Brahma. Then Shiva came to Muruga in person and got Brahma released by explaining to Muruga that the work of Creation had been affected due to the imprisonment of Brahma. When Shiva punished Muruga for his reckless action, Muruga dug Velayutha theertham to worship Shiva. The lingam, installed by Muruga is at the western part of the inner prahara.

Festivals and Special Occasions:
They say that those who organize or help in organizing Brahmotsav, Vasanthothsv and Pavithrorsav in Shiva temples will attain moksha. Those who hold these utsavas and other utsavas in Thiruverkadu will have all the happiness in the present birth and will ascend to heaven thereafter. Those who attend the festivals in Thiruverkadu will become heads of Shivaganas. Those who are unable to come for darshan, can stay just for a few minutes in any holy temple like Thiruverkadu and pray to Verkattu eesan, they attain greatness.

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