Wednesday, 18 December 2013

kalikaambal temple,chennai,pic 6--10

kalikaambal temple,chennai,pic 1--5

The Kalikambal Temple is dedicated to Divine Mother Shakti as Kalikambal and Sri Shiva as Kamateshwarar.

Kalikambal Temple, in the heart of Chennai,in Thambu Street, is a really old one . It is devoted to the Shaivite Gods - (Kamateshvarar) Shiva and his consort Kamakshi (Kalikambal) in her benign avatar.Originally the Kalikambal temple was situated inside the Fort St. George. During the course of time it has moved to its present venue in George Town.It is also said that the fierce form of Kali was which was worshipped earlier has been replaced with a serene form subsequently.
I am not going to write about the power of Kali, as it needs no writing about.Faith in worship itself brings miracles! But the temple itself is steeped in History. The great Maratha warrior Chatrapathi Shivaji Rao(17th century) along with his trusted Minister was here to worship Kali.

The Tamil Poet Bharathi (20th century) has sung many songs in praise of this Goddess. He was a frequent visitot according to the writings on the temple walls. The temple has also seen patronage from peoples of various strata of society.Today its patronage has swollen to great numbers.
This is one of the few temples where the God and Goddess are placed back to back. It is pretty rare as per temple architecture.

Kalikamba Temple can be reached easily by the MRTS( get down at Beach Station and walk across First Line Beach ). It is also easily accessible from the Parrys Corner bus stand.Parking of private vehicles will be a problem. But one can park a few streets away and walk it up or use a cycle rickshaw to commute the short distance to the temple.
A visit to Chennai must include a visit to this temple.Do not expect a peaceful one on one time with the Goddess!! Its pretty crowded always, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays.