Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pallikondeeswarar temple,suruttapalli,pic 21--25

Once Devars and Demons churned the milky ocean with snake Vasuki as the rope to get nectar to increase their longevity. Not withstanding the pressure, the snake spilled the poison. In order to save everyone, at the behest of Lord Shiva, Nandhi and Sundarar brought the poison and Shiva shaped it like a round naval fruit and just swallowed. If he swallows, the whole life on all the worlds (not only our earth) will be gone, if he doesn’t, the Devars and Demons will be gone. So Goddess Parvathi just held his throat gently and the poison stayed there. Because of this, He felt a little dizzy and rested at the laps of Parvathi. On waking up, He found that everyone was happy and feeling relieved since a big disaster was averted. So, happily, He then began His cosmic dance accompanied by Devendran reciting flute, Mahalakshmi singing dance, Brahma playing the jalra, Mahavishnu playing the mridangam in the presence of all the Devars and Rishis This is what is being celebrated as ‘Pradosham’ every fortnight. Since everyone is assembled here during the pradhosha time, it seems screens will be put in the Perumal temples during that time.

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