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Pallikondeeswarar temple,suruttapalli,pic 1--5


Suruttapalli  is a village to Andhra and Tamilnadu border. The temple is on highway and easy to approach.

Main Deity is Pallikondeeswarar and his consort known as Sarvamangala devi.

Sthala purana : When the ocean was churned with the help of vasuki snake as a rope by Devas and Asuras lot of things came up. Due to pain the vasuki started emitting poison known as kalam and poison from the ocean that came up was known as aalam.

Due to the request of Devas and Asuras both Aalam and kalam was made as a ball and swallowed by Lord Siva. At that time Bhuneswari caught hold of Siva’s throat to stop the poison. Hence Siva is also known as Vishabakara moorthy, Neelakandar, Kalakandan, Nanjundeswarar and Ambal as Amudhambikai.

Siva gave the nectar to Devas and was going back to his place Kailas. On his way he felt tired and rested his head on the lap of Bhuneswari known as Sarvamangala devi at a place known as Suruttapalli.

Dakshina moorthy is seen holding Gowri on his lap to left side, is known as Dampdhya Dakshina moorthy, which we find only in this place. We see the complete family of Rama with his brothers and Hanuman. We see small foot prints which they say it is lava kashas. Sastha with Poorna Pushkala is seen here.

  • Per Legend, Pradhosham started here
  • The only place where Lord Shiva is in the reclining pose.
  • Goddess is present with Kamadhenu and Karpaha Viruksham on either side
  • Lord Dakshinamoorthy is present as Thambadya Dakshinamoorthy along with his consort
  • The stone with the foot printings of Lava-Kucha
  • Valmikeeswarar lingam in an unusual triangular shape
  • Guberans at the entrance instead of Dwarabalahars
  • Salakrama Ganapathy in front of the Ambal shrine
  • Most of the deities are present with their consort
The Temple:
Till a few years back, this temple built by Vijayanagara emperor Vidhyaranyar was in a dilapidated state but now it has been renovated beautifully. The paintings, floorings, Rajagopuram, Vimanams, front Nandhi – all are looking very nice but even the walls of the inner praharam have undergone modernization with tiles which has completely wiped out the history and heritage. Still some works like compound walling are going on. A beautifully painted Nandhi at an elevated height in the huge open space in the front welcomes all. Car parking is not a problem due to the huge open space.

The name Suruttapalli comes from the fact that Lord Shiva is rested at the lap of Goddess Parvathi feeling little dizzy after consuming poison during the churning of milky ocean – Palli means resting, Surutta means a little dizzy.


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